Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano Review

The Allegro 2 was produced by Williams as an upgrade to a previously produced model- the Allegro 88-key Hammer-Action digital piano. Customers raised concerns regarding the initial instrument’s sound-quality and responsiveness. Williams, in turn, went back to the drawing board and came up with a whole new design that incorporates the suggested improvements and more.

Here’s the Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano review to help you make an informed purchase decision about top digital piano under 500 USD.


This is a full-size piano with 88 fully-weighted-keys alongside a great sound that makes it suitable for both learners and small-scale performers. The package also contains a music-note stand and has an LCD display screen that makes it easy to control.

There are numerous controls that can be layered or split to produce different desired effects. A user manual comes in as a handy tool for people who are using the gadget for the first time, as does the battery-operation guide.

It stands a rung above similar pianos in its category with ten distinct sounds and a 64-note polyphony. For a retail price of around $300, the Williams-Allegro-2 is really a great budget piano.

Again, Williams failure to include key accessories within the main purchase has been frowned upon by many consumers.



The full-size piano has 88 fully weighted keys with a great responsiveness and easy to adapt to. The keys are arranged in a classic piano style and support the split feature for different styles of play.


10 Sounds are included, among them classical, modern piano, electric piano, and synth feature.

LCD display

An LCD display allows a good control as a user is able to view basic functions in real-time.

Inbuilt speakers

There are two speakers on each end of the piano. Control knobs are used to alternate sounds and volume on each speaker.


The Allegro 2 is MIDI and USB compatible. It also has a line out option and an audio jack console.


Reverb and chorus effects are included. These can be used in a variety of ways with the available sound modes, including layering and splitting.


The Allegro 2 has a width of 51.6 inches (131.06 cm), a height of 5 inches (12.7 cm) and a depth of 13 inches (33.02cm). It weighs 29.8lb (13,5 kgs)

The piano is powered by 6xD batteries or a power adapter cable, both of which are sold separately.


– Fairly priced- $300 makes arguably the cheapest piano of its quality

– Huge variety of controls

– Light hence easy to haul around

– Suitable for practice and semi-professional performance


– Support accessories like batteries, adapter cables, and stands have to be bought separately at an extra cost. This is a big shortcoming of an otherwise great machine.


If Williams set out to improve on the original Allegro, then they did a great job of it. TheAllegro 2 offers a great operation sound and includes additional features like the USB compatibility. The machine makes for a great practice and small-scale performance piano. The inbuilt speakers offer great clarity than most other pianos within its price range.

The Allegro 2 can be a great machine for both beginners and seasoned pianists. Its great portability makes it easy to haul around, while a decent variety of features and modes make it a good semi-professional piano.